Bee School and Guest Speaking:

"Hey, Wendy, I just want to let you know you ROCKED it with the first bee class!  Not only is everything coming together to make sense to us, but it was entertaining and fun.  Great job! (You will need to up your prices next year, I think.)"  Joan, Bee School 2014

"By the way a newbee in your school says that he is so impressed with you and your bee school and all that I told him about you that he is overwhelmed with your knowledge of bees, keep up the good work!”  Tom

"You were a smash hit. People loved your presentation. I haven’t seen them so enthusiastic in a long while." Dover Public Library

"You are an awesome presenter and we enjoyed Bee school very much."  David and Rachel    Bee School 2009

"You keep the classes entertaining and interesting. I know it is a lot of work. You are the “Queen Bee”!  Andy, Bee School 2009

"I wanted to say thanks for the school and all the info. It was a great time I learned a lot and it was fun. You guys did a great job!"   Jeff    Bee School 2009

© Wendy 2014